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Well, I have stopped work on Living Dead Girl, and I'm back to working on my Souls piece. I'm perfectly okay with this, as Souls is what I want to work on anyway.

Last time I had been working on it, I was terribly stuck on one of the less action-packed chapters. Some how I went back to it, and everything was a go. I don't know if I'm actually much of a wordsmith, but they kept coming, so I just wrote them down and kept on working. I managed to complete the following chapter, too, which has a lot of character information in it. I believe that I have managed to get it across in an interesting and entertaining way, but it's not typed up yet, and I will have a lot of work to do on it when I do type it.

I managed to get around to finalizing my timeline, too, so that I know when the unfolding events take place, which is incredibly useful. It requires a bit of re-writing in my earlier chapters, but all in all, it's not as bad as it could be. It does make the last chapter I wrote a bit off, though, and funnily enough, I think that it will require the most re-writing due to timeline problems, if nothing else. All the same, I'm pleased with it, and I hope that it will pull the audience into deeply caring for the characters, as well as giving them more background on them.

One of my (favorite) characters in this piece has developed in an interesting way, but it has mostly to do with their patterns of speech. The earlier chapters will require a lot of work for this character because, as I got to know them better, the language and way of speaking morphed into something that actually says a lot about who they are, if not why they are that way. I like the development of all of my characters, though, and I'm pretty happy with who and what they are, as well as who and what they are becoming. I have enjoyed watching them grow, and I hope that my audience will, too.
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So, after having discussed the fact that I was experiencing a great deal of writer's block for the Souls of Winter piece I wanted to be working on, I wound up deciding to try working on something else, just to get writing again. My In Another Life piece wasn't really flowing, either...so I wound up picking up a throw-away idea I'd had to write for my husband. He loves zombies. I am not so much a fan - I write mostly fae and mythological type fantasy, not sci-fi or horror.

Living Dead Girl, however, seems to be moving along. I have completed the first chapter (which got a serious re-working and re-write after I wrote the whole thing), and am working on the second one. I got stuck again, briefly - I knew how I wanted the second chapter to end, but had gotten to a place where I wasn't sure how to get there - but typing up what I'd written already for the chapter helped me out. Bam! I had the piece that could bridge where I was and where I needed to be for the chapter the way I had it in my head.

My stuff can get pretty descriptive at points. This actually stems from the fact that my brain tends to work in "split screen" where one side of the "screen" is like watching a movie as the action unfolds, and the other side is the "commentary" - or the way I'm probably going to describe the action I'm watching happen when I write it out. Most of the time I like this, other times it is a challenge. I am hoping that the scene I see in my head for the ending of the second chapter will work as well in words as it does for the screen in my head. Right now, though...mostly...I am just glad to be writing again.
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It's been a while. Clearly, blogging is not my thing.

Today is good, though. I feel peaceful...a bit tired (I did not sleep well last night,) but peaceful. Today, it would take a lot to bring me down.

I want to write - I really have not been doing any writing lately - but I can't think of where to start with anything I was working on before. The piece I most want to work on is my "Souls of Winter" story. I am hoping it will be at least a novella, though I would prefer a full novel. I got stuck, and put it down, and I really haven't written anything since. I handed off what I have written and typed up so far to a friend of mine, and my husband. I am hoping that if I start getting some new feedback, inspiration might strike again. I had thought that the cold would help, but honestly, my drive to work on my writing has waned. Not because I do not want to write, but I have been kind of avoiding the stuff that's in my head. It's not what I want to work on, and it's not helpful. It would be really, really nice if I could manage to get something written from start to finish, an absolutely completed piece of work.

It seems a bit sad to me that the only piece (that is not a short story, at least) that I have managed to write in the entirety, is pretty much a fanfic of my own original fic. Don't get me started on how that worked out. It's really not my favorite piece I've ever done...but it is a beginning, middle, and end. It's about novella length, too...so it's too bad that it could never be published. And, again, not really my favorite bit of writing that I've done. I am actually very proud of my work on "Souls of Winter". I just can't seem to get back on the bandwagon and keep writing the damn thing. I know where the story is supposed to go, and I know pretty much how it gets there. I even have the next several scenes mapped out for myself (I am not the world's best at doing outlines and the like, so I decided to outline a few scenes ahead of where I was actually working.) The story is being told (currently) through two different points of view, to show what is going on in two different parts of the world. The action pov is easier for me to work with. Stuff is happening, it's full of life and death situations, the action is interesting and nerve-wracking, and suspenseful, and easy to write. It flows, and fills itself out; the embellishments from physical page to typed up piece are a simple matter.

The other pov is has much slower movement. There isn't much going on, there is no sense of urgency, and writing it in a way that keeps it interesting is difficult. The momentum isn't there for me to focus on. I like the character, and what's happening there is important to the story, but it's incredibly challenging. Actually, this entire piece takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me as a writer - I have never attempted anything like my "Souls" piece before - but this particular pov is quite possibly the most challenging thing I've ever done. It is probably the most I have ever attempted to challenge myself with my writing, and when I feel as though I am not living up to the task I have set for myself, I get frustrated. How do I keep simplicity, and peace, and quiet interesting, and entertaining, and as riveting as the action pov chapters are? How do I make a reader want to keep reading these slower-plodding pov chapters? Is my writing up to snuff? Are my descriptions on par? Will the reader think these chapters matter when they're done reading the entire story? Or will they wonder why I bothered with a large number of them?

I am in the middle of one of the "slower" pov chapters right now...and I have been for the better part of 8 months. I have gotten a few lines done here, a line or two there...but in the past 8 months, I have pretty much written maybe about two and half to three paragraphs. That is not a lot to show for the amount of time I've been working, even taking into account that I haven't really been writing in general. As I said, I've handed off what I've gotten typed up so far to a couple of people in the hopes that new feedback will kick me into gear. Of all the things I could be working on, "Souls of Winter" is the one I want to finish, to make sure it becomes a completed piece of work. I want to have it done so that I have something with a beginning, a middle, and an end, that I could possibly put to print someday. I want it to be a piece I can be really proud of, even after I feel that my writing craft has improved. More than most of the things I start working on, all for my own enjoyment, I began this piece with the thought in my head that I might actually try to do something with it at some point...but that can only happen if I complete it.
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I finished the Coyote thing. It's longer than 600 words, but at least I finished it. I got around to reading the newest Kim Harrison book, and I enjoyed it very much. :)

I'm on part 6 of my "Puck's Interview" thing. I'd love to think it's the last bit, but I have no idea. It's forever and a day long, honestly. It's fun to write, but I'm not much in the mood for it right now.

I'm feeling a little dark. I'm out of work, it's gray outside, and I just...feel dark.

Pale Demon

Feb. 22nd, 2011 11:30 am
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So, Pale Demon hits the stores today... ::laughter:: And I won't get my copy for 3-10 days. Borders is going through bankruptcy, chapter 11, which is restructuring. A lot of their stores will be closing - though, happily, not the one I go to - and because of that, they aren't getting all the new stuff in that they normally would be. I was able to order it online, though, and have it shipped to the store. :) Also, I managed to get it at the killer price of only $12.65, which is nice, since the full price of the book is $26.99.

On the writing front, I started a short (supposed to be 600 words or less) from Coyote's pov, but I got sidetracked after about 200 words and haven't gone back to it. Since he isn't complaining, I suppose that's okay. ::laughter:: I got sidetracked by the Pathfinder campaign I'm now running. I've played table-top role play games for years (though not for the last 2-3), but I've never run one before. This past Friday was an interesting experience. We didn't get as far as I had expected us to, but on the other hand, it gives me this week to shore up my story. I wasn't as happy with my 2nd half for the night anyway. Fortunate circumstances, oddly. ::laughter::

Writing a campaign does not seem to be quite the same as writing for myself. I wrote up a bit of a script to start off with for the quest giver NPC, but he's not going to be with them all of the time. I have stats for some friends of his that will help the PC's on their way - assuming that they run across them. Making sure that happens shouldn't be too difficult, I don't think. :) All I need is a forest and a creek of some sort. Anyway, that's where my mind is currently. I hope that I will be able to manage a week at a time. :)
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I have spent the last few days trying to stay in the head of a character of mine. It's difficult for me, because he doesn't like the fae. ::laughter:: They've been an obsession of mine since I was a kid. Dangerous as they are in most mythologies, I love them, and this character...he pretty much hates them. I'm trying to figure out why, but that doesn't seem to be working. ::laughter:: I'm not in his head well enough. Did something happen when he was a kid? A young adult before college? Is it the way he was raised, not to trust the fae and magic? I just can't seem to go far back enough to find out. It's frustrating.
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I have discovered that I am rather good at two things when it comes to writing. 1) Drabbles. Short, 100 word exercises. 2) Really long pieces with thousands of words.

I am endeavoring to fix that bit by challenging myself to write short pieces that are 600 words or less. I want to work on doing less and more, and keeping it varied. I have, thus far, managed to write two that keep to 600, and they are small snippets of some of my characters. I hope to continue this and see how everything goes. :)
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I'm still on characters at the moment, specifically my character Alydrium.

I don't really want to post too much about him, honestly. I don't know if I'll ever publish anything, but I think I'd like to keep my characters, ah, private, I guess.

Alydrium is not my usual character because although he is fae, he's not of the race I usually write about. It makes him more of a puzzle to me. He comes from a culture of the fae where the court is matriarchal. Everything in his world is handed down from mother to daughter - his younger sister, in fact, is the sole heir to his family's fortune and lands. He'll only keep a title himself if he marries well enough, and it's worth mentioning that though this is normal that doesn't mean it doesn't chafe some of the males in his world - but Alydrium isn't one of them.

It isn't exactly that he doesn't dream of being able to do or be more - he does - it is more that...he is content to work within the system to manage it, and he feels it is worth holding to tradition. It's gotten his race to where it is, and it's in a fairly good place. He despises his queen, but would lay his life down for his princess without hesitation. He's willing to do work that needs to be done, in spite of the fact that it is considered lower-class and insulting. He was born to wealth and privilege, and the understanding that it wasn't really his. If he is to keep it, he's got to earn it.

I don't know my way around Alydrium's head too well yet, and that makes him a lot of fun to pay attention to. I need to see if I can learn any other interesting tidbits about him, the way he thinks, why he does the things he does. Why doesn't he like the queen? Why does he care so much about the princess? He's not married to a lady of the court yet - does he ever plan on doing that to keep his status in the nobility? Does he even care about his status, or keeping it? New characters are like puzzles waiting to be solved - and then, even when you do solve them, they usually have a few surprises left for you.
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Well, it's been over a month since I posted on here, last. ::shakes head:: And that's not even surprising for me. Not to mention that I may not get another chance to really do much posting on here until after the holidays. Work gets crazy at Christmastime, and that's fast approaching.

Most of my writing I do for fun. As such, most of my characters are fae - elves, fairies, pixies, and the like. To me, the fae are fun. They are interesting, and different, and it makes them enjoyable to write about. They exist inside their own specific cultures, and their individual cultures vary even as they have certain things that are the same, or at least similar.

Recently I have actually been working on a story that involves humans - given the stories that I want to write (not to mention usually write), that's actually weird. It has the fae in it as well, though. Watching fae culture through the eyes of humans has been an interesting experience. It's been so long since I've viewed it that way myself that it's kind of crazy. I immersed myself in one specific fae culture fairly completely when I was in about eighth grade. So much of the way they think and behave is completely normal to me. Normal enough that I often have to think a moment to understand certain ways my friends deal with things. It's an odd place to be, and I've been there for a very long time.

Anyway. This post is about characters, so on with it! )
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I have finally finished the story I've been working on for three months straight. Epilogue and all! ::takes a bow:: Thank you, thank you! ::laughter:: All that is left is the typing, which I plan to finish over the course of 2 days, thank you very much, as I've been working on that, too. :)

Alas, that today is a perfect day for writing! I have no story currently to take over my mind! There are lovely gray skies, and it's raining off and on, and I'm in the state of not-quite-ever-waking-up. My imagination is fueled at such times, but I can't rightly work on anything right now... and it kind of makes me sad. ::sigh::

:) Not depressed-like sad, mind you, but still. Should I work on the interview piece? ::laughter:: That could be entertaining...


Sep. 8th, 2010 04:21 pm
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For the love of all Avalon.

I'm still stuck in the story I've been writing about my twins characters. It's been about three months now, I believe. It certainly does not qualify as a "short" story by stretch of the imagination. I don't mind that, really. It's been enjoyable to write and I'm having fun. Which is the point of writing, as far as I'm concerned.

That right there might be my problem, actually. The point of writing is to have fun. Not necessarily to tell a story...which is supposed to be the point of writing. I'm telling a story. It has a plot, if not particularly a point in and of itself. ::laughter::

Anyway. I have gotten beyond the bulk of the story itself. I'm working on an epilogue because, honestly, the ending of the story is pretty depressing. I had forgotten about just how sad the twins are, as characters, as people, as denizens of the fae. Everything about them is actually just a tad mournful. It's kind of painful to write. I love the twins, I had just forgotten how tortured they were. Mostly because I have never before really concentrated on them for such a long period of time. The longer I do, the more I learn about them. And so much that I thought I knew about them has changed after this new re-examination. Their nearest and dearest are still leagues away from them. Even the characters that know them best know so little about them, there is so much mystery that surrounds them. They'd be the gossip of all Avalon all the time if they were more visible.

Anyway. I'm pleased that I've gotten to the point where I'm in the epilogue of the story. As much as I have enjoyed the writing of this particular bit, I can not wait to be done with it.
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I have still be obsessed with the short story fanficion about the twins.

I keep thinking that I'm close to being done with it, but I keep having more to write. The notebook that I picked to write it out in is, admittedly, smaller than most that I use for such things. But it's almost completely filled up, which is still a lot of writing. Particularly when you take into consideration that I often add so much more information and detail when I type up what I've hand-written.

I prefer to write things out by hand first. The little notebook has 7 pages left in it - so, front and back the way I write in them, 14 pages total. The "hide the human!" scene my friend wanted me to add in hasn't taken place yet. And I pretty much need to end it when that's done, assuming that I'm actually at the point of writing it right now. I think I am.

Of course, I also had yet another thought for yet another run-in with other characters. Am I throwing them in just for the fun of it? Just to see what every one does? To see who figures out there IS a human and who doesn't notice? I have no idea, but it's been pretty crazy.

The surplus of ideas is something I am inclined to blame on the combination of vanilla chai (my usual drink from the cafe), and the rain we've been getting in my area. It's too hot and humid to want to be anywhere outside. An open-to-close shift that is terribly slow, with my favorite drink, and all the rain and gray skies outside... it's a grand combination to get me writing. One thing I love about my job is the fact that I can, in fact, get writing done when I'm work as long as I've gotten all of my work done first. It's fantastic. And still, I've not been writing fast enough to finish this freaking story! Which is just...crazy.

Today, I've been working on typing some of it up. Playing around online means that I'm not getting too far, though. ::laughter:: I don't feel too bad about that, as once I get to a certain point, I can't keep typing anyway. I have to finish the story before I can complete a type-up of it. You never know what might change between the pages and the computer screen. And with my stuff, there are usually so many of them.

Ah, well. Back to work.
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It's too much. I get so much going on in my head that I don't even know how to begin sorting through it all. Ideas for 1st gen, which is just as well, since that's what I'm trying to write. Ideas for 2nd gen, which is not as useful, as that's supposed to be at least book 4. Ideas for the Trickster's interview, which is even less useful. ::laughter:: That's just a side thing I was doing for fun, and then it became so much larger than it was supposed to be! Ideas for a novel I wanted to do when I was in high school, that has changed the piece so greatly that it's pretty much not even the same story any more.

I have ideas for how I want to change what I've all ready gotten written down - something that I can't be bothered to do right now, as I really just need to get the story out first. I can't go back and re-write the re-write I've all ready been working on, it's crazy. But I have ideas for it anyway.

I've been working on a glossary of terms for my books, as well as a pronunciation guide. Considering how much of a language I've gotten written down, the glossary is kind of small so far. I haven't been really all that big on using much of the language I've created in the story. Among other things, it's not like any of the characters have run across an American human, who would immediately realize they aren't speaking in English, which is, of course, what I'm writing the story in. Without that, there has been less of a need to bother with throwing in words in the language I came up with for the story. Some of the terms that are in the glossary are not even the words that the fae themselves would be using, because they aren't in the language the characters would be speaking. The term Lifemate, which is in the glossary, is pretty specific, and I don't really need to make the fact that it's a new term more confusing by calling it Xillixyar, which no one besides me even knows how to pronounce at the moment. Admittedly, what little I have been using has been fun. Mostly titles and honorifics, but still. :)

I've always enjoyed writing my own language. It's not exactly useful, really, because I really only use it for certain phrases, and I haven't come up with enough to hold an entire conversation with, really. ::laughter:: But still. I can go off in it for a while, and that's always entertaining. Enough of that, though.

Anyway, I just really have too much going on in my head, and it's gotten to the point where it's getting kind of difficult to keep everything straight. I'm at a slight pause in my 1st gen work at the moment. I'm changing the way I'm writing a bit from here on out, and so, I've been working on outlining. I do believe I've gotten better at the whole "outlining" bit. ::laughter:: I have a decent amount outlined right now for the part I want to work on next, but I've gotten stuck at a "pause" point. I think I might need to make a bit of a jump in things with the story, but I'm not sure how to do it with the pov of the character I'm working the current scenes (and chapter) through. As a result, my 2nd gen outline has gotten underway, and is going pretty well. I'm learning that making a fairly in-depth outline is not a bad idea for me. Among other things, I can tag in certain phrases, words, or conversation pieces I know I'll want to throw in, but might not remember by the time I'm actually sitting down to write. It's been pretty useful. Writing them down also actually helps me to remember them. The problem with the idea of working on 2nd gen's outline is that my mind isn't on 1st gen work then, and I'm still in the outline stage for the chapter I want to start writing. As usual, I just can't write fast enough to make myself happy.

I'm wondering if I should just start writing the chapter, even though I haven't finished the outline for it. My thought is that if I start writing it down, I might be inspired with a way to do the time-hop in the pov I'm currently using, at which point, I could finish the chapter outline before I write everything down. It's got to be a better idea than continuing to work on the outline for 2nd gen, right? ::laughter:: Definitely better than working on the side story for the Trickster, or the complete re-write of the novel I wanted to write in high school. Sometimes I wish my brain would settle down to only a few ideas at once instead of such an explosion of them. It would also help if the explosion could reign itself in to be about only one plot line of one story. That would be awesome. :p

I so obviously have no idea what I'm doing. ::laughter::


Jun. 13th, 2010 12:56 pm
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I'm feeling kind of lost at the moment. A bad couple of days and some strange sense of melancholy, and here we are.

I've gotten a little more written. Finished the once scene I was working on yesterday, and I did have an idea for something else that I need to put in. I'm getting together with a friend of mine who's reading my stuff to get his opinion on what he's read so far. ::small smile:: He's trying to read it with an 'editor's eye' for me so that he'll bring up things that he, personally, knows the answers to - but a real editor wouldn't. I was rather looking forward to that, but I'm a little scared, too. ::laughter:: Which is just stupid. I mean, if you don't get constructive criticizm, you won't get better, right?

I think it's mostly my frame of mind at the moment. I need to get out of my mental/emotional funk before Wednesday. As it is, it's getting in the way of me getting more done - I should be writing right now. And instead, I'm blogging about this. I wonder if I might make my melancholy work for me, somehow. Use it to be constructive. ::laughter:: Either way, I have to finish the scene I'm working on right now at some point. I suppose it might be worth giving it a shot. :)
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Background on this post:

So, I was writing a story - something I hope to turn into a novel. At the time that I got stuck, I'd managed to get 25 scenes written. I say scenes, because I don't really know if they break into chapters the same way, given that some of them are many pages, and others are really, really brief. I'd gotten a good deal of a 26th scene written out as well.

As a random aside, my writing method is as follows: I physically hand-write the scene. Once it's written out longhand in a notebook, I proceed to type it up. I do a lot of re-phrasing, some editing, and a lot of descriptive adding at this point. I will go back to it later to re-read what I've got typed up to see if I can catch any spelling or grammatical errors, and see if I still like the way I've got the scene worked out. I usually wind up making corrections and fixing things, and I determine if it flows well. A lot of times I'll re-read the scene before it too, to check that it flows with what's all ready there.

This method of writing is in part due to necessity: I can often get a lot of writing done at work, but I can't use my laptop there, and a notebook is easier to carry about. Also, I have always enjoyed writing things down. Something about that just makes the process more pleasurable for me. ::shrugs::

The actual post:

There was one scene I knew I was going to have to re-write. My main character won out too quickly and easily against someone that he should have really needed to work at beating. The rest of the post -> )

I'm currently writing out an outline of all the scenes I have all ready re-written, using the roman numeral A) 1.2.3. B) 1.2.3. style. It's a style I feel I can only use for creative writing when I've all ready written the story out. ::laughter:: I don't think my mind works logically enough to be able to continue in that style once I break into new territory - the "where do I write from here?" portion will require more of an actual writing-style outline. I'm hoping just trying to write out where I want the story to go from here will help with placement of certain pieces of plot. I'm trying to break the habit of writing without an outline. I really do need to become better at planning out the story in a physical form prior to actually writing it out completely. I suspect it will make the next explosion of ideas a bit easier to handle!

And, uhm, I think that's my first official post on y own craft-work. ::laughter:: For anyone who's reading this, please feel free to comment with any ideas about outlining - how you do it, if you find it helpful, why you like one way of outlining over another, etc. I'm currently rather open to new ideas!
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I really just started this particular account so that I would have an account I could post small stuff to. Poems that come into my head, short stories. Brief scenes that I don't actually plan on ever putting into the books I'm trying to write, that type of thing.

::laughter:: So far, I have joined one community that has a prompt and you're supposed to keep it to 100 words or less. Depending upon my mood on a given day, it could be hard to come up with anything for it, or I might wind up having trouble keeping it down to the maximum. After all, if there is one thing I can do, it's talk.

Just wanted to start something. :) I should probably try to actually put some personality into the account now... set a style for the journal and such.

With luck, I'll post something creative soon!


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