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Well, I have stopped work on Living Dead Girl, and I'm back to working on my Souls piece. I'm perfectly okay with this, as Souls is what I want to work on anyway.

Last time I had been working on it, I was terribly stuck on one of the less action-packed chapters. Some how I went back to it, and everything was a go. I don't know if I'm actually much of a wordsmith, but they kept coming, so I just wrote them down and kept on working. I managed to complete the following chapter, too, which has a lot of character information in it. I believe that I have managed to get it across in an interesting and entertaining way, but it's not typed up yet, and I will have a lot of work to do on it when I do type it.

I managed to get around to finalizing my timeline, too, so that I know when the unfolding events take place, which is incredibly useful. It requires a bit of re-writing in my earlier chapters, but all in all, it's not as bad as it could be. It does make the last chapter I wrote a bit off, though, and funnily enough, I think that it will require the most re-writing due to timeline problems, if nothing else. All the same, I'm pleased with it, and I hope that it will pull the audience into deeply caring for the characters, as well as giving them more background on them.

One of my (favorite) characters in this piece has developed in an interesting way, but it has mostly to do with their patterns of speech. The earlier chapters will require a lot of work for this character because, as I got to know them better, the language and way of speaking morphed into something that actually says a lot about who they are, if not why they are that way. I like the development of all of my characters, though, and I'm pretty happy with who and what they are, as well as who and what they are becoming. I have enjoyed watching them grow, and I hope that my audience will, too.


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