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Well, I have stopped work on Living Dead Girl, and I'm back to working on my Souls piece. I'm perfectly okay with this, as Souls is what I want to work on anyway.

Last time I had been working on it, I was terribly stuck on one of the less action-packed chapters. Some how I went back to it, and everything was a go. I don't know if I'm actually much of a wordsmith, but they kept coming, so I just wrote them down and kept on working. I managed to complete the following chapter, too, which has a lot of character information in it. I believe that I have managed to get it across in an interesting and entertaining way, but it's not typed up yet, and I will have a lot of work to do on it when I do type it.

I managed to get around to finalizing my timeline, too, so that I know when the unfolding events take place, which is incredibly useful. It requires a bit of re-writing in my earlier chapters, but all in all, it's not as bad as it could be. It does make the last chapter I wrote a bit off, though, and funnily enough, I think that it will require the most re-writing due to timeline problems, if nothing else. All the same, I'm pleased with it, and I hope that it will pull the audience into deeply caring for the characters, as well as giving them more background on them.

One of my (favorite) characters in this piece has developed in an interesting way, but it has mostly to do with their patterns of speech. The earlier chapters will require a lot of work for this character because, as I got to know them better, the language and way of speaking morphed into something that actually says a lot about who they are, if not why they are that way. I like the development of all of my characters, though, and I'm pretty happy with who and what they are, as well as who and what they are becoming. I have enjoyed watching them grow, and I hope that my audience will, too.
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I have spent the last few days trying to stay in the head of a character of mine. It's difficult for me, because he doesn't like the fae. ::laughter:: They've been an obsession of mine since I was a kid. Dangerous as they are in most mythologies, I love them, and this character...he pretty much hates them. I'm trying to figure out why, but that doesn't seem to be working. ::laughter:: I'm not in his head well enough. Did something happen when he was a kid? A young adult before college? Is it the way he was raised, not to trust the fae and magic? I just can't seem to go far back enough to find out. It's frustrating.
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I'm still on characters at the moment, specifically my character Alydrium.

I don't really want to post too much about him, honestly. I don't know if I'll ever publish anything, but I think I'd like to keep my characters, ah, private, I guess.

Alydrium is not my usual character because although he is fae, he's not of the race I usually write about. It makes him more of a puzzle to me. He comes from a culture of the fae where the court is matriarchal. Everything in his world is handed down from mother to daughter - his younger sister, in fact, is the sole heir to his family's fortune and lands. He'll only keep a title himself if he marries well enough, and it's worth mentioning that though this is normal that doesn't mean it doesn't chafe some of the males in his world - but Alydrium isn't one of them.

It isn't exactly that he doesn't dream of being able to do or be more - he does - it is more that...he is content to work within the system to manage it, and he feels it is worth holding to tradition. It's gotten his race to where it is, and it's in a fairly good place. He despises his queen, but would lay his life down for his princess without hesitation. He's willing to do work that needs to be done, in spite of the fact that it is considered lower-class and insulting. He was born to wealth and privilege, and the understanding that it wasn't really his. If he is to keep it, he's got to earn it.

I don't know my way around Alydrium's head too well yet, and that makes him a lot of fun to pay attention to. I need to see if I can learn any other interesting tidbits about him, the way he thinks, why he does the things he does. Why doesn't he like the queen? Why does he care so much about the princess? He's not married to a lady of the court yet - does he ever plan on doing that to keep his status in the nobility? Does he even care about his status, or keeping it? New characters are like puzzles waiting to be solved - and then, even when you do solve them, they usually have a few surprises left for you.
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Well, it's been over a month since I posted on here, last. ::shakes head:: And that's not even surprising for me. Not to mention that I may not get another chance to really do much posting on here until after the holidays. Work gets crazy at Christmastime, and that's fast approaching.

Most of my writing I do for fun. As such, most of my characters are fae - elves, fairies, pixies, and the like. To me, the fae are fun. They are interesting, and different, and it makes them enjoyable to write about. They exist inside their own specific cultures, and their individual cultures vary even as they have certain things that are the same, or at least similar.

Recently I have actually been working on a story that involves humans - given the stories that I want to write (not to mention usually write), that's actually weird. It has the fae in it as well, though. Watching fae culture through the eyes of humans has been an interesting experience. It's been so long since I've viewed it that way myself that it's kind of crazy. I immersed myself in one specific fae culture fairly completely when I was in about eighth grade. So much of the way they think and behave is completely normal to me. Normal enough that I often have to think a moment to understand certain ways my friends deal with things. It's an odd place to be, and I've been there for a very long time.

Anyway. This post is about characters, so on with it! )


Sep. 8th, 2010 04:21 pm
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For the love of all Avalon.

I'm still stuck in the story I've been writing about my twins characters. It's been about three months now, I believe. It certainly does not qualify as a "short" story by stretch of the imagination. I don't mind that, really. It's been enjoyable to write and I'm having fun. Which is the point of writing, as far as I'm concerned.

That right there might be my problem, actually. The point of writing is to have fun. Not necessarily to tell a story...which is supposed to be the point of writing. I'm telling a story. It has a plot, if not particularly a point in and of itself. ::laughter::

Anyway. I have gotten beyond the bulk of the story itself. I'm working on an epilogue because, honestly, the ending of the story is pretty depressing. I had forgotten about just how sad the twins are, as characters, as people, as denizens of the fae. Everything about them is actually just a tad mournful. It's kind of painful to write. I love the twins, I had just forgotten how tortured they were. Mostly because I have never before really concentrated on them for such a long period of time. The longer I do, the more I learn about them. And so much that I thought I knew about them has changed after this new re-examination. Their nearest and dearest are still leagues away from them. Even the characters that know them best know so little about them, there is so much mystery that surrounds them. They'd be the gossip of all Avalon all the time if they were more visible.

Anyway. I'm pleased that I've gotten to the point where I'm in the epilogue of the story. As much as I have enjoyed the writing of this particular bit, I can not wait to be done with it.


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