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Background on this post:

So, I was writing a story - something I hope to turn into a novel. At the time that I got stuck, I'd managed to get 25 scenes written. I say scenes, because I don't really know if they break into chapters the same way, given that some of them are many pages, and others are really, really brief. I'd gotten a good deal of a 26th scene written out as well.

As a random aside, my writing method is as follows: I physically hand-write the scene. Once it's written out longhand in a notebook, I proceed to type it up. I do a lot of re-phrasing, some editing, and a lot of descriptive adding at this point. I will go back to it later to re-read what I've got typed up to see if I can catch any spelling or grammatical errors, and see if I still like the way I've got the scene worked out. I usually wind up making corrections and fixing things, and I determine if it flows well. A lot of times I'll re-read the scene before it too, to check that it flows with what's all ready there.

This method of writing is in part due to necessity: I can often get a lot of writing done at work, but I can't use my laptop there, and a notebook is easier to carry about. Also, I have always enjoyed writing things down. Something about that just makes the process more pleasurable for me. ::shrugs::

The actual post:

There was one scene I knew I was going to have to re-write. My main character won out too quickly and easily against someone that he should have really needed to work at beating. The rest of the post -> )

I'm currently writing out an outline of all the scenes I have all ready re-written, using the roman numeral A) 1.2.3. B) 1.2.3. style. It's a style I feel I can only use for creative writing when I've all ready written the story out. ::laughter:: I don't think my mind works logically enough to be able to continue in that style once I break into new territory - the "where do I write from here?" portion will require more of an actual writing-style outline. I'm hoping just trying to write out where I want the story to go from here will help with placement of certain pieces of plot. I'm trying to break the habit of writing without an outline. I really do need to become better at planning out the story in a physical form prior to actually writing it out completely. I suspect it will make the next explosion of ideas a bit easier to handle!

And, uhm, I think that's my first official post on y own craft-work. ::laughter:: For anyone who's reading this, please feel free to comment with any ideas about outlining - how you do it, if you find it helpful, why you like one way of outlining over another, etc. I'm currently rather open to new ideas!


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