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So, after having discussed the fact that I was experiencing a great deal of writer's block for the Souls of Winter piece I wanted to be working on, I wound up deciding to try working on something else, just to get writing again. My In Another Life piece wasn't really flowing, either...so I wound up picking up a throw-away idea I'd had to write for my husband. He loves zombies. I am not so much a fan - I write mostly fae and mythological type fantasy, not sci-fi or horror.

Living Dead Girl, however, seems to be moving along. I have completed the first chapter (which got a serious re-working and re-write after I wrote the whole thing), and am working on the second one. I got stuck again, briefly - I knew how I wanted the second chapter to end, but had gotten to a place where I wasn't sure how to get there - but typing up what I'd written already for the chapter helped me out. Bam! I had the piece that could bridge where I was and where I needed to be for the chapter the way I had it in my head.

My stuff can get pretty descriptive at points. This actually stems from the fact that my brain tends to work in "split screen" where one side of the "screen" is like watching a movie as the action unfolds, and the other side is the "commentary" - or the way I'm probably going to describe the action I'm watching happen when I write it out. Most of the time I like this, other times it is a challenge. I am hoping that the scene I see in my head for the ending of the second chapter will work as well in words as it does for the screen in my head. Right now, though...mostly...I am just glad to be writing again.
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