Feb. 22nd, 2011

Pale Demon

Feb. 22nd, 2011 11:30 am
faerie_dreamer: Kim Harrison's Hallows series is awesome. Jenks is my fave character, so this is my fave book.  So far. (fistful of charms)
So, Pale Demon hits the stores today... ::laughter:: And I won't get my copy for 3-10 days. Borders is going through bankruptcy, chapter 11, which is restructuring. A lot of their stores will be closing - though, happily, not the one I go to - and because of that, they aren't getting all the new stuff in that they normally would be. I was able to order it online, though, and have it shipped to the store. :) Also, I managed to get it at the killer price of only $12.65, which is nice, since the full price of the book is $26.99.

On the writing front, I started a short (supposed to be 600 words or less) from Coyote's pov, but I got sidetracked after about 200 words and haven't gone back to it. Since he isn't complaining, I suppose that's okay. ::laughter:: I got sidetracked by the Pathfinder campaign I'm now running. I've played table-top role play games for years (though not for the last 2-3), but I've never run one before. This past Friday was an interesting experience. We didn't get as far as I had expected us to, but on the other hand, it gives me this week to shore up my story. I wasn't as happy with my 2nd half for the night anyway. Fortunate circumstances, oddly. ::laughter::

Writing a campaign does not seem to be quite the same as writing for myself. I wrote up a bit of a script to start off with for the quest giver NPC, but he's not going to be with them all of the time. I have stats for some friends of his that will help the PC's on their way - assuming that they run across them. Making sure that happens shouldn't be too difficult, I don't think. :) All I need is a forest and a creek of some sort. Anyway, that's where my mind is currently. I hope that I will be able to manage a week at a time. :)


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